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Our Services



  • Tax Planning & Organization:  Advise on tax consequences in decision making  and assistance in gather information for income tax returns.
  • Other local and state taxes:  Experience in variety of local and state taxes including sales tax and property tax.  
  • Audit Facilitation:   Professional advocate for you and ensure you are appropriately represented in a government audit.
  • Miscellaneous Compliance:  Document gathering and preparation as required by lenders, insurance vendors and customers.  
  • Corporate Compliance:  Preparation of minutes and maintenance of minute books.



  • Contract Accounting / Bookkeeping: Short and long term solutions to fit your needs.
  • Takeover Accounting:  In the event of a sudden vacancy we can ensure the continuity of accounting services.
  • Property Management: Management of real property including determination and collection of rent, coordination of preventative and ongoing maintenance, and other accounts payable.
  • Project Management:  Efficiently and effectively lead a project to completion.  Or to represent and ensure accounting ramifications are carefully considered and weighed.  



  • Executive Council: Assist principals in making informed decisions
  • Internal Controls:  Develop, evaluate and test internal controls.
  • Procedures and Standards:  Develop standard period close procedures and reporting for consistent timely information. 
  • Implementation:  Assist with development and execution of new accounting software.  
  • Planning: Reporting and advice to support growth