About Us


Sam W. Cannon


Sam Cannon is a senior accountant and executive counselor who partners with executives, sole proprietors, and financial chiefs to achieve better accounting to make informed decisions. After spending over a decade in public and private accounting, Sam knows how to develop a solution that fits your company and your needs—and it’s not the accounting flavor of the week. It’s developing a customized accounting system that efficiently and effectively addresses the needs of your employees, who in turn will create satisfied customers and content vendors, which in turn addresses the needs of management.

Sam specializes in complex projects such as accounting restructuring, take-over accounting, software transition, profitability analysis and in depth job costing. Sam has financial reporting experience in a vast array of industries including construction, manufacturing, service industries, and real estate. Sam also has extensive experience in compliance including a variety of taxation in multiple states (income, sales, property and miscellaneous other taxes), third party reporting (lenders, franchises, vendors, customers and others), and other financial information reporting requirements. 

Sam is a graduate of Sam Houston State University. 

Our Founder & Namesake

William S. Cannon, CPA

Though Bill passed away in 2013 his philosophy of integrity, smart business, solid accounting, and informed decision making lives on in our firm. 

Bill Cannon graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a BBA in Accounting in 1961.  He received his CPA in 1966.  Bill worked as a controller for a construction company before opening his own practice in 1974.  He served clients in variety of industries including, construction trades, manufacturing, professional services, and retail.   He acted as a controller, mentor, adviser, and friend to hundreds of clients throughout his years of service.  The size of the client was irrelevant.   Bill would treat the smallest business owner with the respect of an industry titan.  And the client always came first.  There was never a need to sell unnecessary services for the sake of the own bottom line.  Bill believed when our clients were put first, our success would follow.   This is the philosophy that lives on in our firm today.  We believe every business owner should be afforded the opportunity of sound, selfless, proactive council.       

Bill worked tirelessly, helping clients right up to his death.  We honor his memory by serving clients as he did, with respect and integrity.